About Us

There is war in America and it's time to choose sides ...

In case you haven't been paying attention, there is a war happening in America. We have not come to arms and hopefully never will, but two sides fight over the fate of the country.

One side, the right side, fights to save the greatness of the greatest nation ever built; the other side fights to transform America - take her over, break it apart and redistribute its remnants.

The left began this war long before the right. They've been stealthy and underhanded. This site is to bring the war out into the open, clarify the lines, help the right identify the enemies and see the attacks coming- help patriots organize and coordinate our victory in this epic conflict we're finally now winning.

AmericanSides.com aims to be a tactical, practical resource. There are other sites like  http://www.discoverthenetworks.org  created by David Horowitz  - that offer a more historical, intellectual and scholarly repository of information about the people and forces we're fighting.  Much credit and gratitude goes out to David Horowitz as his work has been a significant source of inspiration and information.  AmericanSides.com is looking for battlefield intelligence and describing the current state of affairs, the current face of the enemy - operational and practical views and connections.

Although their attack has been under way for many years, the left took us by surprise - got a jump on us patriots and nearly had the country before we began to recognize how deliberate and serious the offensive was. A direct assault would have never worked so well; dishonesty is an integral part of the left's strategy - they fight where you don't realize they are fighting, veil their assault under a smoke screen of innocence and pretense of good intentions.

So, the primary goal of AmericanSides.com is to "make" and pinup every last leftist individual, celebrity, organization and initiative. If you're going to subvert freedom, liberty and the greatness of this country - if you're going to expose our families to greater risks from Islam and other enemies, we are here to insist you claim your side. If you want to use your celebrity to disparage and undermine your country, we're going to make sure everyone knows what you're up to. If you are another leftist politician serving the democratic party and not the entire citizenry - spewing total bullshit and dishonesty, we're going identify your dishonesty and rank it.

Most of the enemies on the left are not so obvious; it's the "not as obvious" who are the most dangerous - the true traitors and scoundrels - the real threat hiding under the belly of leftist insanity. These people - the Richard Dreyfuss-ish and Bill Gates-esk, or Zuckerberg, and even farther left and more dangerous incarnation of billionaire; the Elon Musks and John McCains, the Morning Joe's and  the many others who don't claim the side they're fighting for; these we wish to identify and hold accountable.

We have spots ample spots on our left leader board - for the liberal non-profits created as weapons to attack us - the one's who aren't merely scams for handouts from democratic cohorts in government.

Let's all be clear as to where we stand, both sides. For those Americans who are not involved and honestly wish to stay out of it - god bless you. For those throwing  sucker punches from behind the backs of good Americans, we're on a mission to make you claim your side - make you accountable and own what you're doing to your country and its patriots.

A number of great patriots inspire this effort and we aim to bring attention to their continued efforts on behalf of the country: Dennis Prager, Rush Limbaugh, Dinesh D'Souza are heroes and generals, and those more spry like Gavin McInnes, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos valued special forces; and, we owe much to patriot spies, particularly James O'keefe & Mike Cernovich. Finally, we got the fight going because of fearless patriots who have faced off against and taken hits from the enemy: those like Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Sean Hannity, and our commander who turned this war around and redirected us towards victory, president Donald Trump.

We are winning again